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3rd Place, Senior

  • Jaclyn Anderson

  • Sherwood Park, AB
  • niveau scolaire 12
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The Social Side of WWI

Many complex questions arise when one begins to dive into the concept of remembrance. Over time details are clouded, and each side recalls things a little bit different. Debate arises over which events should be commemorated, or who should be honored. In the end, no one event or person is more important than the next, for they all are a string in the complex web of war.

I believe, that one of the most important issues regarding remembrance is how to make these stories accessible to our younger generations. This is the focus of my written work: to present these past events in a way students can grasp, in hopes that they may first understand our history, then be able to commemorate and learn from it. They can begin to understand that these stories are not simply made up, but each has happened; these people and their suffering are more real than anything, and we must remember them.

With the recent events of terrorism in our world, I believe it to be incredibly relevant to have a project such as this one. The way international diplomats are expressing their views to the public through social media allows students to see the parallel between our past and our present situation. Accessible history will widely benefit the young of our world.