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1st Place, Senior

  • Maddie Nykl

  • Vancouver, BC
  • niveau scolaire

Remembrance Day Painting

un mot de l’artist(e)

The soldier with a poppy for a head represents how easily soldiers are forgotten. So many soldiers died in the war and so many are remembered with rows upon rows of unmarked crosses. Wearing a poppy, however, brings remembrance and awareness to each soldier, so each poppy worn on remembrance day could represent a soldier with an unmarked grave. Reinstating the importance of wearing the poppy, and showing the poppy is a powerful and respectful symbol.

People surrounding soldier: Each single person surrounding the soldier represent the hundreds of people influenced, or connected to that soldier. This shows the sheer amount of people affected by losses in the war since those are only the friends or loved ones of one soldier. The Background propaganda The propaganda in the background represents the culture of war, I put it in the background to show how it was constantly ongoing in the background. It was such a revolutionary time for Canada and so naturally the culture was greatly affected, including clothes, jobs and many other aspects in society. It shows no where you went during those times you were reminded of the ongoing war.

Colours Chosen: I chose to make my painting colourful. It was a very sad time for Canada with the amount of losses. However I believe it is important to look at the situation with a positive attitude, it’s what many people fighting for our nation would’ve wanted. The colours represent how
our remembering brings life to this issue year after year, keeping our pride alive and not letting our sacrifices go forgotten. I used primarily red to symbolize the poppy. A regal yet happy colour.