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1st Place, Junior

  • Nina Moser

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Grade 9


A word from the artist

70 years ago World War II ended after six years of brutal fighting. In 1945, near the end of the war, Nazi soldiers abandoned Auschwitz, taking many prisoners with them. Those who were left behind were found by Soviet soldiers. These people had survived the horrors of Auschwitz. But many before them had not.

70 years later we still visit Auschwitz, to see the piles of shoes and scratches in the gas chambers. People who scratched the wall as the slowly succumbed to the smoke. To this day those scratches can still be see in the wall. Scratches of desperate people, trying to leave a mark as they died. Piles of shoes, collected from the bodies. Nazis kept the shoes and discarded the people. They valued shoes over a human life.

Deep in the gas chamber, millions of lives put to rest, suffocating from the smoke that consumed them.