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1st Place, Junior

  • Emilia Dominguez

  • Burnaby, BC
  • Grade 9
  • A word from the artist

    I chose to do my piece about how we remember, on the struggles the Japanese Canadians faced in internment camps during World War 2. I chose to write a poem to express the feeling of chaos and not being treated well. The movement of 23,000 Japanese Canadians during the war was the largest mass exodus in Canadian history. The reason I chose this subject is because it was something that is very important to Canada’s history, and it is important that it doesn’t happen again. I am trying to convey the picture of chaos and the unknown


One night
Or as normal as hate could be
The next night
One moment asleep, the next
Dragged to my feet
Yelling, crying
One suitcase containing all my belongings
All to comemorate my life
The rest was not mine anymore
Taken away

An inhumane place
A place with a stench
A pungent stench of things I did not want to know
Why should we pay
We don’t deserve such misery?